Just as your car needs regular maintenance, so does your air conditioning system. A non-maintained A/C can cost $100’s more per month in electricity and may damage components costing $100’s to $1,000’s to repair and leaving you without cooling usually when you need it most. Regular maintenance not only increases the life of your A/C, but allows us to catch costly problems before they happen and keeps your system operating efficiently. If you would like to join our Preventive Maintenance Program simply contact us and we will schedule to contact you in the Fall (October and November) and in the Spring (March and April) to schedule a convenient time to inspect your heating and cooling system. We will come out and inspect your system at a 20% discount and any maintenance items that need to be addressed will be provided at a 20% discount. It will save you money year round.

Did You Know

Many of our competitors charge a $125 – $200 for a “Preventative Maintenance Contract” that is not applied towards any actual service and many of the technicians they send out are “Preventive Maintenance Certified Technicians” that are really minimally trained new technicians that can do little more than tell you if the system is dirty. Our preventive maintenance services are performed by fully trained factory authorized technicians who will do detailed diagnostics to give you full and accurate assessment of the condition of your system.